“...FRDS is easier to read and far easier to store than the Federal Register. After tearing them apart (always with newsprint smudged hands) I realized I could probably save several hundred trees if I didn't need to throw away all those extras pages.” Former President of the Education Association in California

“As Director of Funding and Development...I find the Digest to be an indispensable tool. Its timely notices of new grant opportunities, proposed rules, and final rules and regulations are essential in my work. Unlike the Federal Register, it contains only the information that educators need, which makes my job easier.” North Carolina School District Administrator

“My superintendent thinks I have an ‘ear’ in Washington.” Texas Vocational Education Director

“Being on the West Coast, I was receiving the Federal Register at least five or six working days late. The Digest arrives on Monday enabling me to read about new federal program opportunities within a few days after they are published.” California Resources Development Officer