• Guaranteed Coverage. The Digest provides full, comprehensive coverage of all education related announcements in the Federal Register. The Digest tracks notices and funding opportunities in all Departments, not just the Department of Education. Coverage includes the Departments of Labor, Commerce, Justice, name only a few.

  • Unabridged Texts. The Digest publishes the complete texts of all education-related announcements in the Federal Register, regardless of number or length, along with original page references. Rules, regulations and grant application materials are reproduced exactly as published in the Federal Registers, including program particulars, e.g., names of contacts, telephone numbers, application forms and procedures...all the information needed to compete for federal funds.

  • Quick, Easy Access. Digest users don’t wade through hundreds of pages of unrelated material. They have the information they need at their easy-on-the-eye print that produces crisp, clear reproduced copies for staff distribution. The Digest’s compact, weekly issues are also much easier to file and retrieve than the burdensome daily Federal Registers. (One file drawer holds a year’s worth of Digests.)